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Emli's Gremlins

SMELL thE caramel latte, bruh

I'm a bad fandom blogger because I don't want to spoil.
Oct 22 '14
Oct 22 '14

Mikola Gnisyuk - People in Trees (The Rooks Have Arrived), 1964.

Mikola Gnisyuk - People in Trees (The Rooks Have Arrived), 1964.

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Oct 22 '14

If you’re a writer and you see this post, stop what you’re doing.



Just one sentence. Stop blogging for one minute and write a single sentence. It could be dialogue, it could be a nice description of scenery, it could be a metaphor, I don’t care. The point is, do it. Then, when you finish, you can get back to blogging.

If this gets viral, you might just have your novel finished by next Tuesday.

Oct 22 '14
Oct 22 '14


Ever wonder what the world would be like when you leave the devil in charge?

Oct 22 '14

prompt??? UHHH how about some humanstuck megidos, with damara taking her little sister aradia trick-or-treating? would that be good? :0

Ho ho! We can MEGIDO!*

“RIBBIT!” The onomatopoeia is accompanied by a loud thump on the door.

It’s Megido’s house in a nameless suburb. Damara hastily stubs out her joint; fuck she forgot. She opens the ventilation window against the gloomy October evening, but weed smoke drifts around her when she goes for the door. She doesn’t care.

“Noisy child.”

“Damara, are you ready, let’s go!”

Damara looks down, and no she hasn’t prepared at all. “Yes. Sexy Japan school girl. I’s all good.” On second thought she adds maroon lipstick and eyeliner, but it takes mere seconds.

Aradia is wearing a frog costume. It’s not the sexy sort, which Damara can be grateful for, “Megidon’t do as I do, but as I wish I could have done,” but it’s green felt and has a dress part and a hairband part with goggly eyes on them and she looks absolutely adorable, so Damara lifts her up and squeezes her in her lap and they glide down the staircase railing, giggling.

Damara suggested a ghost costume, but Aradia said that ghosts are so dead. Damara was sad for a little while. Then they made the frog costume. They also made paper lanterns, glorious ones, with spooky silhouettes and megatons of glitter on them. They take the best one and a pumpkin basket and on the road they go.

Friendly neighborhood Christian, Aranea Serket, wants to chat them up. This time Meenah is not there stopping her; they saw her earlier trick-or-treating with Feferi and Vriska. Damara tilts her head, says her tits get cold and Aradia should be going home and thank you ma’am, and drags Aradia out. She’s afraid Aranea hears their ugly laughter from around the corner.

“I don’t want to trick Nitram’s house this year,” Aradia says.

“Aradia, we trick Nitram’s every. Single. Year. You like tricking, it’s fun.”

“But I sit with Tavros in school sometimes now. He’s cool, he knows Pokémon. Did you know he’s crippled?”

“Don’t say crippled. Yes I knew.”

They skip Nitram’s house.


“Darn, Damara, look at the haul.”

“I know, we rock. Yeah, look the duck at the time. Go to bath! We’ll watch the scary movie tomorrow.”

Damara throws a single egg on Rufioh’s door late that night. Rufioh comes to the window, but by then Damara is behind the fence.

When she comes back, she gets green goo on her hand, as Aradia has spread glitter glue on the handle of her door and scribbled a message underneath:

“Next year we trick-or-treat them”

As a lame retribution the scary movie is Shrek the Third.


*Reference to the famous Halloween musical animation Trick or Treat, where a sequence of lyrics goes as follows:

Every post
Is a ghost
If you’ve got a witch’s brew (and maid’s too)
And if you want your gate to circulate
Ho ho! We can Megido!
Oct 21 '14



Trine Sondergaard - Interiors (2007-12)

Dang, this is nice. 

Oct 21 '14
Oct 21 '14

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Oct 21 '14

Armor for Mirkwood elves - Byblos


Armor for Mirkwood elves - Byblos